Guest Issue and Resolution Tracking—Reinvented

Loyal Guests is a digital format log designed to simplify the process of recording guest issues and retrieving that information when they return to your establishment.

3 Easy Steps


Either through our website or our free mobile app, input the guest's information, the issue they encountered, and the agreed upon resolution.


When the guest returns to your establishment, quickly look up their issue and resolution by name, phone number, email, or redemption code.


Once complete, mark the issue as resolved.


Watch our short video highlighting the main features of Loyal Guests and how it will help your team handle guest issues in your establishment!
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Track guest information including their name, date and time of visit, the issue encountered, agreed upon resolution, email and phone number, and any additional notes.

If a guest provides their email address or phone number, we will send them a redemption code to show on their next visit.

Upon returning to your establishement, scanning the QR code with our mobile app will immediately retrieve their information—no searching necessary.

Loyal Guests is a tool to help you understand the most frequent guest issues in your establishment, and help reduce their occurrence.

Tracking issues by date, day of week, time of day, destination, and common issues, you can get a detailed view of when and where issues originate.

We provide a free app for in-house access to your account information on our web servers—making entry and lookup simple and mobile.